--- [ Netsec - general stuff ] ---

  • Protection Mechanisms : a brief overview of some protection mechanisms
  • SO_RCVLOWAT : an explanation of this handy socket option
  • Stack Explained : a small article on how the stack mechanism works
  • Nmap payload patch : patch introducing --payload option for Nmap 4.68
  • fw idea : idea (more or less based on firewalk afterall) to identify which of #n firewalls is blocking a request.
  • ssh backdoor : backdoor ssh for fake password authentication in case of mitm
  • TCP/IP Drinking Game : collection of obscure networking knowledge in a question-answer format
Nmap -> the best network exploration tool out there
phrack -> one of the oldest and most serious hacking magazines
Dave Miller's site -> main Linux network developer
undeadly -> OpenBSD journal
taossa -> the art of software security assessment
thc -> The Hacker's Choice
aware -> aware security group
fm -> australian hackers
sin -> programming on steroids
gorlist -> low level cs lover
xorl -> public bugs/exploits analysis
silvio cesare -> one of the most brilliant hackers out there
phenoelit -> german hackers
recurity -> FX's security research team