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whois ithilgore:

Fotis Chantzis, aka ithilgore, is a computer security engineer with a strong background in software development and a research focus on network protocol vulnerabilities, advanced network exploitation techniques and IoT. His research interests have also revolved around high-performance network programming, network stack implementations and kernel internals. Lately, he switched his focus on securing cloud infrastructure - CI/CD pipelines, containers and orchestrators.

His work includes exploiting the TCP Persist Timer to magnify the effect of a classic network attack (paper published on Phrack #66), the development of Ncrack, a high-speed network authentication tool with a dynamic and optimized timing engine under the Nmap toolset and inventing a new stealthy port scanning attack by abusing the popular XMPP.

Beyond these, he has a passion for gathering knowledge on literally everything on the multiverse, studying books from a wide variety of topics and exploring new fields and ideas on a daily basis.

Always eager to hear about new ideas, suggestions, comments and intelligent feedback on the field of network security or on ways to get more out of life by hacking every tiny bit of it, you can contact ithilgore at:

   chantzis.fotios () gmail.com || ithilgore () sock-raw.org || ithilgore.ryu.L () gmail.com 
   Encrypted communication is preferred: GPG key

   You can also take a look at my CV if you have an interesting proposition. 

About sock_raw:

sock_raw is ithilgore's personal web site and projects' main connect(2)ion to the outer world. If you are already wondering where the name actually stems from, you can always rtm of socket(2). Here is a a quick definition however: SOCK_RAW is one of the ultimate powers the OS can give you over doing some serious stuff on low level network programming. It is the ability to create and send your own hand-crafted network packets, filling manually all header fields with whatever values you want. Most serious network security tools are based on or certainly use this powerful sockets API capability.